For the past 20 years Mark Guilliatt has helped many people,  just like you, protect themselves from the HIGH cost of the Long-Term Care.


As a trained Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL) and a licensed insurance agent Mark has developed a unique expertise in risk management and asset protection strategies.  The execution of these ideas and methods has been very successful in assisting families protect themselves from the high cost of a prolonged Nursing Home stays.

Featured Questions

Q: Are there special protections if my spouse needs long-term care? or, am i limited to only $4,000?

The Spousal Impoverishment Protection Law has set certain guidelines that protect minimum income and asset levels.

For example, if the spouse at home gets less than $1,891.25 a month, this spouse would get to keep the nursing home spouse's income to the extent that the income for the spouse at home is at least $1,891.25.

And for assets there is a minimum threshold of $23,184 that the spouse at home would be able to keep, plus the spouse...


Q: Can a living trust protect my assets from a nursing home stay?

Many people often establish a living trust for legitamate reasons like avoiding probate or for management purposes, but a major misconception is that these trusts serve an additional purpose of protecting assets like the family farm.


This is incorrect.  Unless the spouse is actually working the farm for their livelihood, a property held by this type of tru...

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For the past 20 years, Nebraska Elder Planning has prevented families from getting WIPED OUT from the High Cost of Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facilities.


EVEN if your loved one is already in the nursing home many families don’t realize that they can legally protect their money from the high cost of a nursing home.

Most people end up making uninformed decisions, or worse yet misinformed decisions, based on inaccurate advice, because they don’t know who to turn to or they turn to people that haven’t been properly trained!


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